Instructional Design Demos

Website Demos

Dreamweaver CC Mock School Website

mock_school_thumbnailUser friendly, well organized website template that would be applicable for both an online, or real space organization. Different login portals mean content could be tailored to specific student groups, as well as for teachers. Additionally, logins integrate seamlessly with online LMS’s, providing quick access for learners and staff. Other features include a collection point for past announcement documents, and interactive calendar compatibility.


Dreamweaver CC Content Site Demo

contentdemoBright, clean template that can be personalized to meet a variety of needs, making it perfect for small business clients, non-profit groups, or an individual. The layout makes it easy for visitors to access information, while not becoming lost. Other features include a functioning picture gallery, and ready compatibility with PayPal.


Articulate Demos

History 10 (Created using Storyline 2)

storyline1A re-imagining of the History 10 lesson (found under Writing Portfolio). This lesson includes 5 content scenes that allow users to study and review the content in any order. However, all scenes must completed before the quiz and assignment unlock. Other features include embedded video, the ability to repeat the quiz a set amount of time, and downloadable assignment files. Lastly, the content could easily be integrated with a variety of LMS systems or websites.


Preparing a Pineapple (Created using Storyline 360 and Rise)

storyline1A simple, single slide Articulate Storyline tutorial on how to clean and prepare a pineapple for eating. It features multiple layers (one for each step) that users can access my clicking the custom buttons on the side of the screen. Optional pictures are included to provide visual aids accompanying each written instruction.

Alternatively, the same content created using Rise, which is ready plug into an LMS and be accessed by learners. The material is chunked differently and sorted into 2 main sections, which each contain numerous steps. Additionally, it is fully functional for a variety of devices including computers, tablets, and mobile devices.