Instructional Design Portfolio

Throughout my career as an Instructional Designer, I’ve had the opportunity to work on some exciting projects. The following are a few snippets of the work I have done. (NOTE: For proprietary reasons, only snapshot pictures are provided for non-demo examples.)

Large Projects

Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society
Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society (2012)

Working with a team of Instructional Designers, the Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society received a complete online make-over. This included the creation of a new WordPress powered website, organization of educational materials, and creating a searchable online catalogue of over 10,000 images. Along the way, every effort was made to retain the history, traditions, and ethos of the Society in a way that satisfied both users and stakeholders. My responsibilities included helping with the following:

  • Website redesign
  • Creating online forms and feedback channels
  • Editing existing content, and designing effective educational materials
  • Tagging and cataloguing images

Courseware Developer Guidelines

thumbnail of developer-guidelines-version-1-0
Intelligent Design, 2014-15

In November of 2014, Intelligent Design approached me to review their course creation process, with the goal of generating a comprehensive and sustainable protocol that was in line with the best practices of online education. Reaching this goal required several phases, including:

  • Front-End Analysis of current practices
  • Soliciting feedback from users, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders
  • Evaluating data
  • Creating draft Guidelines
  • A revisions process with executive stakeholders
  • Generation of Final Guidelines
  • Oversight and Management of Implementation process


High School Development Plan – Flex ED.
Fled ED (2015-16)

As Flex ED increased their educational presence within the province, they required a Development Plan for High School. This began with a comprehensive review of their current courses compared to best practices in online education. Upon completion of the review, they requested suggestions on how to effectively expand their library of course offerings. The end result was the creation of roadmap detailing which areas to improve in their current courses, plus a 2 – 3 year plan charting out the most effective Courseware Development pathway.

Overall, this project required the following:

  • Front-end Analysis of the current state of Flex Ed. High School courses.
  • Soliciting feedback from teachers, students, parents, and client stakeholders on ways to improve courses.
  • Analyzing data, and comparing it to current Best Practices in online education.
  • Creating a document outlining the most effective use of resource to repair current courses.
  • Meeting with client stakeholders and teachers to gather input on their visions for the future.
  • Analyzing data obtained from Flex ED and the Ministry of Education.
  • Generating a 2 – 3 year roadmap on how to grow the High School course library.
  • Presenting findings and dialoguing with client stakeholders.


 Dreamweaver CC Mock School Website

mock_school_thumbnailUser friendly, well organized website template that would be applicable for both an online, or real space organization. Different login portals mean content could be tailored to specific student groups, as well as for teachers. Additionally, logins integrate seamlessly with online LMS’s, providing quick access for learners and staff. Other features include a collection point for past announcement documents, and interactive calendar compatibility.

                                                                                                                                                 Dreamweaver CC Content Site Demo

contentdemoBright, clean template that can be personalized to meet a variety of needs, making it perfect for small business clients, non-profit groups, or an individual. The layout makes it easy for visitors to access information, while not becoming lost. Other features include a functioning picture gallery, and ready compatibility with PayPal.


Articulate Storyline 2 History 10 Demo

storyline1A re-imagining of the History 10 lesson (found under Writing Portfolio). This lesson includes 5 content scenes that allow users to study and review the content in any order. However, all scenes must completed before the quiz and assignment unlock. Other features include embedded video, the ability to repeat the quiz a set amount of time, and downloadable assignment files. Lastly, the content could easily be integrated with a variety of LMS systems or websites.