The Power of Change.

Change has always fascinated me, as it is a constant part of our lives.

Despite this, educational methodologies and materials are often stagnant, clinging to what has ‘always worked’; or else racing ahead and trying to new things without proper planning, thought, and foundation building.

The middle space between these two approaches is where Instructional Design lives. Wherever there is a point of pain, a problem, or a disconnect between your material and your learners, that is where I come in. Whether by tweaking what you already have, adding in new components and technology, or completely redesigning it from the ground up my end goal is the creation of vibrant, accessible, and useful instructional materials and methods.  

However, the power of change also means ensuring no one is left behind, marginalized, or excluded. This may mean re-examining the underlying structures and unspoken messages in your materials to ensure the needs and values of all learners are being properly respected and met. I’m passionate about creating instructional materials that respect all potential users, challenge traditional power structures, and give everyone an equal opportunity for success.

If you are a school, business, corporation, non-profit, or any other individual or group who is involved in education, instruction, or training then Instructional Design can help you in the following ways:

  • An analysis of your current approach to education
  • Suggestions on how to improve, or areas in which you can grow
  • Taking your existing instructional materials and refining or expanding them
  • Creating new materials and approaches
  • Implementation assistance
  • Ensuring your approach and materials are inclusive and fair to all users

I look forward to working with you,

Ryan Hall